Website General Design

Website General Design

Concerning Website General Design, the successful sites use. It worked thirteen key elements of the sites considered to be the best in e-commerce of auto parts.

Website General Design

1. F-Navigation

Frequently, users follow F-shape when they surf websites, viewing them from the upper part of a page, then down along the left side. Therefore, navigation works well when a menu bar takes a horizontal position, and on the left hand, there is a menu.

2. Top-right or centered search box

Did you also get used to having your search box put on the page in the right corner on the top? We have noted that placing it in the center and front eases searching on the site.

3. Contact details or “Contact Us.”

“Help” is usually looked for by users in the top right corner of the page. It could be either a phone number or e-mail address. So, our advice is to put them on the top of a header, moving it to the max right.

4. Homepage

All in good measure when it is said about e-commerce homepage. Especially, when it comes to auto parts. If everything is thought out for the users’ work and provided with little information plus simple search, then customers are likely to make purchases on your site.

This is a simple psychology. When you provide people with lots of variants, they start feeling confused and are afraid to make their choice, for the reason that it will be the wrong one. Give your customer a simple option, and they will act at once.

5. Brand it

The place where users’ eyes usually focus when waiting for a page to download, is on the upper left. Why not put the name of your brand there? You may even add you slogan or key message, for the potential customer to know what website they are going to see.

6. Typography shouldn’t be ignored

When creating Website General Design, designers think a lot about what layout to choose and colors to use. But often they don’t pay attention to font stack. And often it is hard to look at, hard to read or just annoying.

7. Website General Design respond

What do we call responsive Website General Design? It is a website that is up to the size of user’s screen. The next point of a responsive website is rearrangement things to make a page usable in maximum. We mean “friendly-for-mobile” version, though it is sometimes difficult technically to create. But there are companies, like Shopping Cart Elite, a platform provider that works on modernizing of its products.

8. Make Website General Design Shine!

The worst time for users is when a necessary website does not respond for a long time. Some tools can improve the performance of the site.

9. Website General Design Symbols

Use trusted entities to increase conversion rates. All users worry about security and quality of the product you offer. These seals of approval can be added to the site.

10. Navigation

It is very useful way to help your customers find different parts with breadcrumbs. Just make a click on it, especially when you are surfing a site with a lot of categories.

11. Other points

Make active use of pictures, colors, lines, texts to show a user where they are invited to go. Remember that each page must have only one clear purpose. The consistency of your site, brand and advertising should also be consistent.