Sketching People in Motion

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Beginner skill level
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Learn fun, simple techniques for sketching people in motion. Capture the action and magic of the moment!

Rapidly sketch movement in the world around you in pencil, ink and watercolor alongside artist and illustrator Marc Taro Holmes. Start with a gesture drawing, and learn to sketch moving subjects quickly and freely. Add detail with ink as you define the basic shapes of your subject, refine your image and loosely sketch in shadows. Create movement with hatching and get tips for building silhouettes with swift strokes. Bring your sketch to life as you apply a watercolor wash, reinforce shadow shapes and lay down rich color and detail for a fascinating finish. Then, use fun watercolor techniques to capture fast-moving subjects. Plus, explore fundamentals for infusing storytelling into your visual narrative. Learn how to draw people in motion with confidence and clarity.


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Lesson plan:

  1. The Pencil Gesture (16:41)

    Meet your instructor, artist Marc Taro Holmes, and discover how you can easily draw people in motion using pencil, ink and watercolor. Ease into the process by sketching loose, gestural drawings in pencil, without worrying about the small details. Plus, learn how to capture essential elements before your subject moves.

  2. Adding Ink (30:59)

    Once you’ve sketched your gesture drawing, add in more detail with ink. Watch and learn how Marc breaks the subject into basic shapes. Practice refining these shapes and loosely sketching in the shadows to help define the subject, while preserving the liveliness of the original sketch.

  3. Brushwork & Hatching (20:26)

    Create focal points within your ink drawing using the brush pen. Marc demonstrates how to use brushwork to emphasize and reinforce the darkest shapes and shadows. Add in striking accents and a sense of movement with hatching. Plus, learn tips for creating dimensional silhouettes.

  4. Adding Color (25:59)

    Complete your sketch by adding splashes of color. Set up a portable watercolor palette, then start painting! Learn how to apply a wash and reinforce shadow shapes with open brushstrokes. Add in finishing touches by laying down richer notes of color and detail.

  5. Advanced Techniques: Water-Soluble Ink (19:06)

    Broaden your skill set by working with water-soluble inks — and faster moving subjects. Sketch another gesture drawing, using Marc’s tips for capturing unique poses within a dynamic scene. Add in shadow shapes and anchor points with ink and a brush pen. Then blend it together with water.

  6. Advanced Techniques: Direct to Watercolor (20:27)

    Pull from the skills you learned in previous lessons to tackle this advanced watercolor technique. You’ll see how Marc captures fast-moving subjects by painting large — and loose — shapes and silhouettes first. Complete the scene by filling in the shadows and fine-tuning smaller details.

  7. Capturing Multiple People (15:11)

    Discover how to infuse the art of storytelling into your sketches. Marc explains how selecting unique poses and including the right details are key to capturing the story. Plus, learn how to arrange multiple subjects on a page — and add splashes of color — to create a captivating sequence of events.

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Beginner skill level
Watch classes on your own schedule: wherever, whenever you want
Your access never expires
100% money back guarantee

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