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How To Create A Website

 How to create a website for a restaurant :

#1 Before you can create A website you need to Get a domain name and a hosting provider

An example of a domain name is,, and our domain name, If your fast food restaurant has a name, then get a domain name that is similar to your fast food restaurant’s name. Example, if it’s Bills Burgers, then get the domain name,


Hosting, on the other hand, is needed to store the contents of your website. It works as a home for your online materials.

How to create a website domain name and a hosting provider?

They have one of the most affordable hosting plans when it comes to WordPress hosting, they prioritize in your website’s loading time, and they have an outstanding support.

To setup your domain name and hosting account, head over to SiteGround. Choose a plan, either StartUp, GrowBig or GoGeek.

Once you have selected a plan, click Get Started.

You will then be brought to a section that requires you to enter a domain name (see image below for reference).Here you will need to input the domain name (or the name of your fast food restaurant). Once you have done that, click Proceed.

Then, input your account information details, client information, payment information and purchase information.

Under Purchase Information

How to create a website data center to be found at Singapore (SG), Chicago (USA), Amsterdam (NL), London (UK) and Milano (IT). It is advised that you choose the data center that your potential visitors will be coming from. Example: If your visitors are mostly from the USA, then choose Chicago (USA) as the data center.
Period – Here you can select the term of payment that you would like to make for your hosting; Trial (1 month), 12 months, 24 months or 36 months.
Under Extra Services, you can check the box that says Domain Privacy if you would like to protect your information from becoming publicly available through the whois services. And you can test the box that says SG Site Scanner if you want your site to be monitored daily and be notified if your website has been hacked or injected with malicious code. (These services are optional)


Once you have completed the section above, check the box to confirm that you have read and agreed to SiteGround’s terms of service and click Pay Now.

#2 How to create a website & Install WordPress

Sign in to your SiteGround account.

Click the tab that says My Accounts. Under My Accounts, you will see the domain name that you chose in #1, towards the right is a button that says Manage Account, click on Manage Account.

Then, click the button that says Go to cPanel and look for the section that says WordPress Tools (see image below for reference).


Click on the icon that says WordPress Installer. And you will see an overview on WordPress with a link right below it that says Install Now (see image below for reference). Click on Install Now.


You will then be brought to a section that requires you to configure four settings before installing WordPress to your domain. And they are:

Site Settings – You will need to input your site name and site description. You can ignore the checkbox that says Enable Multisite.

Admin Account – You will need to choose a username and password which you will use to login to your website admin section. Also, input your email under Admin Email.

Choose Language – Select the language.

How to create a website Plugins – Click on Plugins ,Check the box that says Limit Login Attempts if you want to restrict the number of login attempts to your website’s admin section (You can ignore this section if you don’t want to limit the login attempts).

You can also ignore the section that says Choose Theme. And proceed by clicking Install.

When installed, you will be able to access your website. Simply head over to

And that’s it; you have created a website.

#3 How to create a website to look like a fast food restaurant

To do this, you need a WordPress theme. Here are two WordPress themes that are perfect for a fast food restaurant.

#1 Burgy


#2 Fast Food


Both the themes above are premium (they come with a price tag). Choose either one of the theme above and make the purchase. Once you have purchased it, head over to Downloads in your ThemeForest account, and click on Download. Then, select the option that says Installable WordPress file only.


Now it’s time to upload this theme to your WordPress website. To do this, log in to your WP admin dashboard, hover your cursor on Appearance and click on Themes.


Click the Add New button found on the top left corner of your screen.


Click on the Upload Theme button located on the top left corner of your screen.


Click Choose File and upload the files that you have downloaded earlier from Themeforest.


And click Install Now. When installed, click Activate.

For the theme instructions, follow the theme author’s instruction on how to set it up. Both the themes listed above has a one click demo install which allows you to import the demo theme settings. If you’re not keen with the demo settings, you can use the theme’s admin panel to customize the theme’s settings quickly.

When done with the theme’s settings, it’s all about adding contents related to your fast food restaurant.