CSS Style Sheets

If you are thinking to become a serious professional in the web design business, you should now read and learn CSS. Here is a brief list that provides you a summary of your requirements.


1. Discover HTML
Before you begin creating websites, you should understand HTML. Here is the key component to starting publishing documents on some web. That sounds rather simple; however, there are some factors that you should know similar to the label portion which will add significant usability on a form.

2. Master Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)
I cannot stress this sufficiently. DO NOT USE TABLES FOR YOUR LAYOUT!

Is this clear? Do not, just don’t. Why? Because people work against you than work for you. You can have so much more control of design, layout, plus colors if you apply 100% CSS.

1. CSS is simple
2. CSS is quick to produce
3. CSS is lightning ready as your website loads
4. CSS is simple to change

So ignore table layouts including start applying stylesheets. You can like the stuff you can achieve once you understand them.

3. Study A Server Side Language
That is needed to produce effective websites like forums. PHP plus ASP are an excellent example. You will want to know what you can do with certain languages plus start practicing them.

Without any server-side language, your websites may be difficult to manage plus will give you a hard job of building an adequate website composition.
4. Learn Database Language

I suggest learning MySQL because this is an open source database plus is installed on many hosting providers in combination with PHP.

A database is nothing else than some tables with data. You can choose data with questions like:


Now everything is selected from a table when some ID equals three. It’s not difficult to learn SQL; you only need to understand how this works. PHPMyAdmin can support you a lot when you are planning a database.
Therefore, begin with step 1, also stick with CSS as long as you don’t understand that. CSS is enormous. Furthermore, you will enjoy it once you know how it runs.

For application improvement, you can’t-do without a language like PHP also a database like MySQL.

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