How To Create A Perfect Website Layout


Website Background:

For me this is a very interesting, indulging and juicy topic. You will always learn something new when reading about it. I have met many people who are either interns or fairly new in this field and I see them struggling just because of some very common mistakes when they are working on a website design.


I do not want to de-motivate them because I believe that this is part of the learning processes and it will require some time from them to enable them in getting to the peaks of this skill. I am writing down few core areas that are associated with this field and can be helpful both for website designing companies in Dubai and business owners who actually hunt for these

Website companies in order to outsource this sensitive task to them:

  • Understand the meaning of success
  • Put any or every idea that comes your way on a piece of paper
  • Initiate the sketching process of top-notch framework
  • Include a grid
  • See what type of typography would work best for you
  • Play as much as you can with colors, but choose the right color theme in the end
  • Ensure a perfect division of Website layout
  • Revisit the ideas that have been established
  • Maintain the flow and think of motion
  • Website Prototype, stay on top of it
  • Test your skills by challenging yourself
  • Attention to the Website details, how good are you at it?
  • Refine all the components used by you
  • Add sharpness to your work
  • Website Tidiness in design; ensure it throughout
  • Website Design the best test case, but be ready for the worst too…Be proactive
  • Love your Website design so much until your start hating it…This will help you in seeing the gaps
  • Ensure an early involvement of the clients, only the best service provider will do that.
  • Work closely with the development team
  • Be clear in your requirements, avoid stories…be specific and to the point.
  • Don’t fall in love with your ideas only; someone may be sharing the best idea which may go unnoticed and down the drain.
  • Transfer your design smoothly into the development phases
  • Sharing work progress from time to time with clients will help in obtaining feedbacks and tweaking things accordingly and promptly.

In case you are opting for an e-store that would require robust platforms that can be utilized to the fullest by your target audience.