website design

The website design of our websites is stylish, search engine optimized and fully accessible. Our websites all have a easy to use management system for content building. Our website design is built so  that you  do not need  any technical skill to use them. This  allows you to keep your site up to date at all times and which Google is very keen on.

Features include:

  • Update page, downloadable documents images and links
  • Manage the website database and driven content e.g. news, articles and events
  • E-commerce functions
  • Simple add new pages or page edits etc
  • Control Search  Engine Optimization and customise any page with your searched longtail or shortail keywords & descriptions  for Google, Bing etc
  • Create attractive landing pages
  • Create search engine friendly URL's

Other functions we offer:

  • Online e-commerce / store
  • Gallery to display images not  forgetting a slideshow
  • Booking system for events and online payments
  • Directory which  is fully searchable
  • Membership area with password protection
  • Database for news and the latest items published on your home-page
  • Newsletters and contact forms to keep in touch with your followers
  • Blogs or  Forums etc
  • Responsive design enabling other devices to display correctly your website

Hosting for your website

We offer help and advise on choosing your domain, website design and the hosting of your website.

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